My friends

Nathanaël Herrmann Friend and colleague, Nath is responsible more than anyone for having « developed my eye ». Discrete, humble, innovative… values that I share and that come across in his photos


Laurent Zagni A very unique brand of humour, combined with an immense talent for drawing. Never a dull moment in his work but always an underlying message…


Julien Buissart Bird watcher, artist, sculpter. An all round excellent naturalist with whom I’ve spent many great moments in the field


Michael Colson (click here)

Stephan Peten (clcik here)

Benoit Henrion (clik here)

Michel Goin

Sources of inspiration

Cédric Jacquet A lovely man and an environmental ethic to which I fully adhere 





Vincent Munier Quite simply… the master of lighting, atmosphere, creativity





Bastien Riu Young, dynamic, original. One of my references in modern wildlife photography