A long time before I held my first camera I’d been fascinated by wildlife. It all started at a very young age. In our garden I’d tick different species of bird in my Usborne spotter’s guide. I’d be in awe of the images shown in wildlife documentaries on the TV that my grandparents would record for me. With my two brothers, both equally passionate, I spent my childhood in close contact with the nature that surrounded us. Field trips with a local bird man, Peter Golborn, fed my desire to watch wildlife – something that has never left me and most certainly never will. Living in harmony with nature became a necessary factor in my well-being. In more recent times I discovered something that compliments a life of nature watching – the possibility to immortalise the species I observe and therefore prolong the emotions.

I’ve been lucky enough to watch and photograph wildlife in some incredible parts of the world, but one must remember that nature is everywhere, whereverver one might find onself at any particular moment. Knowing how to appreciate that is important. I stand firmly in the belief that the best opportunties come to those who take the time to really know their environment.

In a society driven by consumerism I’m keen for nature photography not to follow the same trends. 99% of my pleasure comes simply from watching. If I return home without a great shot I’m really not too bothered. I’m just happy to be outside, immerged in my own world. But if when that moment does arrive…it’s all the more satisfying.

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